Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

A special thanks to my friend, Erin, for letting me steal this!

1. Where did you go to college?
Kennesaw State University...home of the HOOTY HOO Owls!

2. What did you study?
Early Childhood Education

3. Was college really all that it was cracked up to be?
The social aspect of it was all that and more!

4. How far were you from home?
About an hour...perfect distance!

5. Did you have the same roommate all four years?
Out of my 4 years living on campus, I lived with 2 girls from "Disgusta" Ga (1 year), one crazy Puerto Rican who I absolutely love (all 4 years), two beautiful Colombians (3 years), and a Brazilian (one year). I learned more from them than I ever knew I could. Te quiero mucho!!!!!

6. Where did you order food from at 2am?
Order, no. Waffle House visit, yes.

7. Did you date in college or were you tied down?
Tied down, dated, all of the above.

8. Funniest drunk college moment?

9. Did you make it to class on time?
Shamefully, no. I was a constant 5-10 minutes late to every class my first 2 years. I got a little more responsible as the "teacher" side kicked in.

10. What was your favorite class in college?
I really loved one of my Literature classes...don't remember the name of it. I do remember that we read Dante's Inferno...those 9 levels of Hell...geez!

Monday, August 2, 2010

More Flags.....

=More Fun!

So I just got back from Six Flags. My friend Jena and I had free "teacher passes" for having students participate in the reading program.
*Thanks kids!!* Now, this was not my first trip to Six Flags, but my first as a 25-year-old OLD LADY! At least, that's what the rides made me feel like.
So...here's my short summary of the good and bad:

Goliath-- A-
This ride is pretty awesome. We rode it first thing because the wait for it is usually the longest. It has some 20-story drops and goes over 70 mph! I did manage to tire out my legs from trying to keep myself in my seat the whole time!

Batman-- A+
Batman will forever be my favorite ride at Six Flags. Maybe it's because it was the first crazy coaster I rode, or because I have dreams about it all the time. Either way...Love it!! I really like the whole "Gotham City" feel with the Batman music. Random- they painted it blue!

Mindbender-- B+
Not the "Riddler" anymore...back to its old name! Not much to say...still green..still goes really close the the ground......

Superman-- A-
This ride is freaking awesome! Totally disorienting to be riding on your stomach facing down at the ground. I would consider this one the scariest ride in the park. Would be an A+ if it were a little bit longer of a ride!And yes, at one point I DID hold my hands out in front of me like Superman!

Scream Machine-- C+
Up....down....Up....down...Up...down...Not my style, but whatever!

Wild West something-or-other Comedy Show-- A-
I was a little skeptical about watching a show, but this one was actually funny! Plus, it allowed time for the lunch to settle!

Mine Train--A-
How could you not love the Mine Train! Classic! Really good ride for folks who are just getting started with roller coasters. Only ride in the park I have ridden 10+ consecutive times!

If you love to stand up and have the blood rush from your head while simultaneously having your crotch squished, then this ride's for you!! Just kidding...the Scorcher is a pretty neat concept! Gives you a little bit of a headache, though.

Georgia Cyclone-- D+
Dear Cyclone...years ago, you were my favorite. Now that I'm old, my body just can't take it anymore. We've had some good times, but I'm afraid today was my last ride. RIP

Not available for review today:
Acrophobia---Not working
Water Rides--Me?? Water?? Are you kidding?
Ninja= Major Headaches