Sunday, September 4, 2011

30 by 30

So my friend, Jillian, just did a "25 by 25" post, and well, since that ship has sailed with me, I thought maybe I would do a "30 by 30" post. (Side note, has it really been 10 months since I've written on here?? Ok, so here goes:
1. Have a baby---I would kind of like to have 2 by the age of 30, but we'll see!
2. Get a cat (who will hopefully get along with our dog!)
3. Go on a big trip with the hubby..possibly for our 5 year anniversary. This could be another all-inclusive resort, cruise, or out of the country somewhere.
4. Take Jeff to some of the places I've been, but he hasn't. Examples--Washington, D.C., New York, Miami, and my geeky side REALLY wants him to see Jamestown and Williamsburg!
5. Take a chance and cut my hair above my shoulders.
6. Get my Master's degree.
7. Get my Zumba Instructor's certification...this one is a long shot, but we'll see!
8. Get to the point where I am cooking 4-5 times a week instead of 2-3.
9. Take myself, Jeff, and whatever kids we have to Disney! (Jeff has never been there, either.)
10. Go to the Apple Festival in North GA.
11. Get back in to playing the guitar on a regular basis.
12. Join a choir of some sort (strange, I know)
13. Coach a cheerleading squad. (I turned down a job this summer and have been regretting it ever since.)
14. Get every room in our house updated, cleaned, and fully functioning.
15. Get regularly involved with our church somehow.
16. Go see this bridge in person. Every time we pass it on the way to Nashville or Gatlinburg, I see it in the distance and have always wanted to see it in person for some reason!
17. Renovate our master bathroom with a bigger shower so that I can use it and not the guest bathroom!
18. Get a new back deck.
19. Get a new backyard fence.
20. Find a way to wear my hair naturally curly on a regular basis.
21. Lose weight...maybe around 15 pounds..and tone up!
22. Take a girls' trip somewhere...haven't done this in a while!
23. See another Broadway musical besides Wicked or Phantom of the Opera...maybe Les Miserables.
24. Get the front yard in shape and KEEP IT looking good!
25. Karaoke by myself in public.
26. Get LASIK surgery.
27. Do something FUN with my hair that I've always wanted to go red/auburn or something!
28. Eat at some of the "cool" restaurants in ATL that I've never tried (Vortex, Flip, etc.)
29. (Taking this one from Jillian) Update my wardrobe to more "adult"...I have some stuff in my closet that is 10+ years old!
30. Eat and cook healthier so the hubs and I can make it to 30 and beyond!

So...what's yours?