Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Now, It's Been a Year!

Whooeee....am I behind! Last September (yep, that's over a year ago, folks) I posted my list of things to achieve by the age of 30 (see below). Well, I'm a year older. Let's see what we've accomplished:

1. Not even close! We're going to start trying next August, so maybe only one by 30!
2. Nope! But we DID get a new dog, Lucy! They are BFFs!
3. Not yet...maybe something big next summer.
4. Took Jeff to Charleston, SC! Check!
5. Nope, and don't think I will until baby time.
6. Nope, but I DID get my Gifted Certification!
7. I now realize this one's not for me! I'll just keep going to classes.
8. I'm now cooking 3-5 times a week and have tried over 30 new recipes! YAY! Thanks, Pinterest!
9. Not yet.
10. Ditto #9.
11. Nope, but I did get a bass guitar!
12. No, but I still would like to eventually. Maybe our church will let me sing in their (large-group-can't-hear-just-me-individually) choir.
13. I've since realized this one's not for me, and that's okay!
14. We are working on this one! We've now figured out our plan for the basement (music themed) and have a pool table down there.
15. Still working on this.
16. Have not seen this bridge in person yet, dang it!
17. Nope.
18. Nope.
19. Jeff fixed the fence, so this one counts!
20. Ha..curly hair. That's a funny joke.
21. Nope, but I've gained...does that count?
22. Nope. :(
23. Nein.
24. Negatory.
25. Nope.
26. Nope.
27. I have been dark brown/pretty much black for almost a year!
28. We have started visiting the Food Truck Park on occasion!
29. With the help of 57 episodes of "What Not to Wear", I've been inspired and have trashed a lot of my old clothes!
30. Thanks to Pinterest and SkinnyTaste.com, I've been doing this as well (although the waistline is not yet showing it)! 

Well, 7 out of 30 isn't too bad! Until next time (hopefully not year)...... :)

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