Monday, July 26, 2010

Embarassing Story!!

So, I'm at Wal-Mart a few minutes ago buying some school supplies, and as I'm walking out through the door, the alarm goes off. Didn't really panic, because this happens every once in a while to everyone. The greeter lady checks my receipt and all of my bags, and then I try going through the the door again....BEEEEP! She asked me about 95 times if I had purchased any electronics..nope--only school supplies and random bacon and bananas.

I gladly offer her my purse to look through, trying to convince her I am as innocent as can be. We open the big part of my purse, and lo and behold--there is the bootleg copy of Alice in Wonderland that a friend let me borrow a few months ago!! I instantly panic as she grabs the movie and heads to get a manager.

It is important at this point to mention that I am at the Wal-Mart where ALL of the parents at my school shop. I could just feel the eyes boaring into me as little kids were probably whispering, "Mommy, why is Mrs. Green pulling a DVD out of her purse?".

At this point, I am sweating profusely and feel I could vomit/pass out at any moment. After telling the greeter and the manager my story about the bootleg movie dealer at the Highway 41 Flea Market, {Praise the Lord!} they finally drop the dirty looks and believe me.

Moral of this story--If you're going to borrow or buy bootleg movies from a flea market, please at least be smart enough NOT to carry them around in your purse.

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