Friday, July 30, 2010

Might As Well Confess...

So...after seeing a couple of friends' confessions today, thought I might as well join in the fun!

Friday Confessions:

#1. Tried to "work" in my room today...some people have been working in their rooms all week, but I have avoided my room like the plague. Stayed today about an hour and a 1/2, then bailed!!

#2. I took some desks from a somewhat-empty classroom...we'll call it "extended borrowing". In a rush, I tried to carry 2 desks at a time and one slipped and bruised the back of my leg. Payback.

#3. Turned the thermostat down about 3 degrees from where it's supposed to be. Don't worry Jeff! It will be back up to 72 by the time you get home! :)

#4. I fasted all day to get my blood work done at the doc's office, then proceeded to gorge myself with Zaxby's and a sleeve of Fudge Striped Shortbread cookies and milk!!

Whew....confessing feels good!